Monday, April 13, 2009

Butterfly Blush

ButterflyBlush package includes:
background, header, labels ( 7 preprinted, 3 blank), buttons, footer.
Install $10
You install $8


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  1. Hello Sue, how are you doing? I love this layout. It is absolutely beautiful. I am interested in it. I would just like a close-up of it please, because I can't really see what it says? Also I need to know what it is that you do in the set up, please? I know nothing about HTML. So I would really need your help on this. I would appreciate whatever you can tell me about your setup process and what it includes and what I would have to do on my own? I already have a blog but haven't really used it, because I am not really familiar with what to do. Isn't that silly? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care and God bless. Have a great day!
    Hugs, Purple Faerie